English version of Resident Evil 4 creeps up to the Samsung Apps store

Resident Evil 4 Android screenshot 1Yes, it finally happened: the Android adaptation of Resident Evil 4 is now available in the West. Unfortunately, there’s a “but”. Quite a big one in fact, as this longley expected title is exclusive to Samsung smartphones and tablets, i.e. it’s only available for purchase on the Samsung Apps store.

As many iOS gamers already know, Resident Evil 4: Platinum launched on the iOS App Store back in 2009, and most iOS-owning fans of horror shooters and the Capcom’s famous franchise already got to play it. The Android gamers that don’t own a Samsung device obviously won’t be quite as lucky, which is unfortunate, especially considering that the game actually is available on the Google Play Store in Japan.

Anyway, if you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, $5 to spare, and willingness to play through some of the best moments of the seminal Resident Evil 4, head over to the Samsung Apps store linked below and treat yourself to some zombie shooting.


Resident Evil 4 on the Samsung Apps store