Everything we know about GODUS

22Cans project godus funded

The Godus Kickstarter campaign we reported about last month ended in a success.

With the help of almost 14,000 supporters, 22Cans managed to raise over $850,000 for their new god game. We decided to make a compilation of all the info we were given about the game and all the info posted on 22Cans’ Twitter profile, Facebook page and Kickstarter project page.

First of all, take a look at this first prototype video of Godus:

In a little over 2 minutes, we can see some basic gameplay mechanics like gathering followers, transforming landscape with god powers, and fighting other tribes. God powers are “a key strategic element of GODUS”  that’ll be used throughout the game, for both creation and destruction. The graphical style of Godus is very similar to the previously published concept art and it’s unlikely that 22Cans will change it. However, what’s pretty sure is that the graphics in the finished version of the game will be much more polished.

Godus will feature 3 single player and multiplayer modes. Co-op is already confirmed, as well as another mode called “possession mode”. 22Cans describes possession mode as a “first person world crafting”. Although an internet connection will (obviously) be required for multiplayer and potentially some additional features, the single player campaign won’t require it. You can see some footage from the first PvP Godus game ever below.

The game will be released for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and Linux. Since the Linux version was the last confirmed one, there’s a chance that it’ll also be the last one that gets released. Additionally, although the OUYA version of the game is still not officially announced, it probably will be, especially since OUYA is an Android-based system.

Apart from the fact that the Windows version will be the most graphically advanced one, there will be no differences in terms of gameplay and features between the platforms, which leaves cross-platform multiplayer as a possibility, especially since cross-platform gameplay is already confirmed.

22Cans will try to hire Harry Waters to compose a soundtrack for Godus.

22Cans also assures us that the game will be challenging and appealing to casual, core, and hardcore gamers.

The amount of violence and gore shown in Godus is still not determined. Part of the team feels that the level of gore should be high enough to “emphasises the violence in a negative light” and have an emotional impact on the player that sees his followers getting ripped apart by the enemy, but Molyneux is not too keen on that idea. However, since most supporters stated that they would prefer to be given a choice of whether they want to play a bloody game or not, that option will probably be included in the end product.

The story of Godus will be written by James Leach, an industry veteran that won a BAFTA award for his work on Black & White.

As for the exact Godus release date, in the last month’s announcement we said that it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing the beta version of the game before the June 2013, and according to the latest info, it turns out we were correct. Here’s what 22Cans had to say about the Godus release date on their Kickstarter page:

We’ll only release GODUS once it’s the fantastic game we know it can be. And we want to get it into the hands of players in less than a year from now.

Also, in the paragraph which explains how will the received donations be used, it’s explicitly stated that “GODUS will take seven to nine months to complete”. Now, knowing the release history of games Molyneux was previously in charge of, there is some small reason for concern. His latest project, Curiosity – what’s inside the cube? was delayed for a month, and every PC gamer remembers the 7-month-long delay of the PC version of Fable III. If we dig a little deeper, there’s the delay of Fable II: Knothole Island and the original Black & White. Of course, this doesn’t have to mean anything and we all hope for the best, but just don’t say we didn’t warn you if Godus gets delayed by a month or two. Realistically, the game will be released in fall 2013.

We’ll keep you posted about the future developments regarding Godus, and in the meantime, have a Happy New Year!