Gangstar Vegas coming soon

Gangstar Vegas Thumbnail 1Gangstar Vegas: City of Sin was one of the 5 mobile games we highlighted as the most promising 2013 titles this January, and although we were expecting it to come out near the end of the year, it looks like we’re going to be playing this open world action-adventure even before summer. How do we know that? Well, Gameloft just published a 40-second-long teaser trailer that tells us two things. First, the game apparently lost its subtitle, and it’s now just “Gangstar Vegas”, and second, it’s definitely coming out before summer because Gameloft almost never announces its mobile games more than six weeks before their official release date. I mean, the only reason we knew about Gangstar Vegas beforehand was because someone leaked a list of Gameloft 2013 mobile games back in December.

Anyway, the teaser trailer doesn’t show any actual gameplay footage, though we have not doubt that Gameloft will show and tell us more in a couple of weeks. Also, we’ve got confirmation that the game is going to be pay-to-play, priced at $6.99, though it’s uncertain whether it’ll feature any in-app-purchases. Naturally, this sandbox title is coming to both Android and iOS devices, probably at the same day. As always, we’ll let you know as soon as we know more, so stay tuned.