iOS version of The Walking Dead earned $10 mil.

Mobile gaming recently received yet another recognition from the authors of the VGA game of the year.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the CEO of Telltale Games, Dan Connors, said that around 25% of sold episodes of The Walking Dead come from the App Store. Having sold over 8.5 million episodes, Telltale Games earned over $40 million (not including the promotions), and since the cost of a single episode is almost identical on every platform, this means that the iOS version alone brought them a quarter of that revenue. Considering the fact that The Walking Dead appeared on 4 other platforms: PC, Mac, PS3 and X360, as well as that the first iOS episode came out in late July and that every other episode was always the last to come,  $10 million dollars is a very an incredibly impressive number.

This is yet another indicator that mobile platforms (and iOS in particular) can offer just as satisfying gaming experiences as handhelds or any other platform can, as long as the game developer is capable of creating an intuitive control scheme.

If you still haven’t played this title, now is the perfect time for it, because the first episode of The Walking Dead is available for free on the App Store, and you can buy the other four for $15, or $5 per episode. Also, if you’re looking for a more action-packed experience or you simply can’t get enough of this franchise, check out The Walking Dead: Assault.

It definitely seems that mobile gaming has a bright future ahead of it – a future we very much look forward to.

Do you?