MotoGP 13 confirmed

MotoGP 13 was officially confirmed today for PS3, X360, PC, and PS Vita. The game is being developed by Milestone Studio, responsible for MotoGP 08. MotoGP 13 is made in a completely new, still nameless engine, and will feature “redesigned graphics”, new environment modeling, and physics. Naturally, the game will be fully licensed.

Luisa Bixio, Milestone Marketing and Sales Director, said the following:

“We’re very proud to announce MotoGP™13. After four years, we’ve have the license again in our hands and we’d like to put all the expertise we have developed during this time into the game. This new project will offer players the chance to experience a brand new MotoGP game that will include the most-loved features plus brand new ones.”

These “new features” will include “revamped” career mode that will mix third and first person elements and improved online multiplayer. To the best of our knowledge, all versions of the game should be identical in content.

MotoGP 13 is scheduled for release in June.