Acttil Announces Futuristic Oriental ARPG Reborn, Hitting Kickstarter in a Few Days

Reborn Logo Acttil Elemental LabsAs you’re reading these lines, the newly founded Los Angeles publishing company Acttil is on Tokyo Game Show announcing that it teamed up with the California-based indie game developer Elemental-Labs on both companies’ first video game project ever, a sci-fi 3D action RPG Reborn that’s in development for PlayStation consoles for about 9 months now. The CEO of Elemental-Labs Franz Tissera said that this Unreal Engine-powered title aims to recapture “the magic, imagination, depth, and nostalgia of the classic RPGs”.

Musashi Miyamoto Reborn Promo by Elemental Labs & ActtilThe Kickstarter campaign for this indie ARPG will be launching on the week of September 22nd, with its initial goal set at $150,000. If you’re the type of guy or gal that’s looking to support independent projects, you’ll probably pledge a certain amount to Reborn, as developers don’t get any more indie than Elemental-Labs, who have literally been working on Reborn out of Tissera’s garage for the most part of this year. Provided the game gets its funding, it’s planned for a PSN release in fall of 2014 for PS3 and PS4. Nao Miyazawa of Acttil recently told us that the game’s also going to be coming to Vita, and while she could be referring to the Sony’s obligatory PS4 Remote Play policy, it’s also possible Reborn for PS Vita will be listed as one of the crowdfunding campaign’s stretch goals. We’re certainly rooting for the latter and will have more info on the matter by the end of the day, so stay tuned for that.

Forbidden Temple_not_finalized copyNeo-Tokyo_Outskirts

First gameplay footage and in-game screenshots of Reborn will be released next month, after the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, but we do have some sexy concept art for you to look at already. As you can see, the art style of Reborn is going to be a combination of sci-fi and orientalism, which makes for a rather interesting and underutilized setting in the gaming industry. Speaking of which, the protagonist of Reborn is the futuristic version of the famous Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto. The 600 years “older” Miyamoto will travel across Neo-Tokyo in 2188, confronting cyber-enhanced gangs and corporate overlords and cutting them into little pieces in his attempt to find “a better path” for Japan that became crazed with technology which completely overtook the entire country. So, I guess not much changes in Reborn’s version of the late 22nd century, save for the guy decapitating people with katanas on the streets of Tokyo.

Joking aside, the premise and setting of Reborn looks like an interesting mixture of Deus Ex and traditional Japanese lore and we’re looking forward to seeing what Elemental-Labs can do with it. Recurring themes of Reborn include cyborgs, high-tech augmentations for humans, totalitarian regimes, conspiracies, oppression of free thought and free will, morality, and more.

Given how this is an action RPG, expect fast-paced real-time combat based on combos and special attacks. Elemental-Labs also confirmed that interaction with environment will play a significant role in game’s numerous battles, though they haven’t given any examples of it. The main leveling mechanic of Reborn is element-based and called the “Wu Xing System.” Basically, the collected experience or some variation of it will be used to purchase new active skills from the Wu Xing system. As for learning passive skills and upgrading existing abilities – that’s what the augmentation system is for. Though there was no word on (non-)linearity of Reborn’s narrative and game world, we do know that the game will have significant replay value due to its varied gameplay. Acttil stated that the game will feature four “distinctive” gameplay styles:  Combat, Stealth, Augmentation, and Social Perception. We’re still not sure how the third one will play like, but the rest don’t require any additional explanation.

In overall, this futuristic oriental indie ARPG seems rather promising, and given how it’s going to be coming to Vita portable one way or another, expect to read more about it on PGR soon.

  • kara_tower

    The concept art looks amazing, but that’s just it – it’s only concept art.

  • Pirate One Captain

    I’ll reserve my judgement for next week, but it does look awesom


    It would be the best portable rpg ever.