Aeon Avenger discounted 90%!

Aeon Avenger screenshot 2Aeon Avenger, one of the dozen of role-playing mobile games from the Kemco’s 2013 iOS lineup that was released this February has just been discounted a whopping 90%, which means that you can currently buy it for only 99 cents, which is as cheap as it gets on the App Store. This exclusive platform sale will last for a week, after which Aeon Avenger will once more be priced at $8.99.

Aeon Avenger is currently compatible with the iPhone 3GS, 3rd generation iPod Touch, and newer devices, as well as with all models of the iPad. Note that this is the last mobile JRPG that Kemco released that doesn’t have any kind of in-app purchases, and given that it’s also one of the most unique ones (it features an interesting time-traveling mechanic as both a plot and gameplay element), we’d say it’s worth much more than $0.99. If you agree, head on to the game’s App Store page linked below, and stay tuned on PGR for more updates about the latest iOS, Android, and Windows Phone game sales/discounts.

- Aeon Avenger on the iOS App Store