Deus Ex: The Fall Android Release is Close, Square Thinking About Console & PC Ports

Deus Ex The Fall Android gameplay screenshotLast month, we’ve reported how Deus Ex: The Fall is going to be hitting Android smartphones and tablets this September, and while its launch may not have happened right at the beginning of the month as many have hoped, Square Enix’s James Wright said everything’s going as planned and it looks like the first portable Deus Ex game will make its Android release window.

Wright also revealed that Deus Ex: The Fall “has always been planned for Android,” and given how “there is a lot of interest in playing Deus Ex: The Fall on other platforms,” Square Enix and N-Fusion are “considering many options.” Though hinting at console and PC ports of the critically acclaimed game, Wright quickly added that the development team is still completely focused on smartphone and tablet version of the said mobile title.

In case you’ve missed our in-depth review of Deus Ex: The Fall in which we’ve deemed it “an excellent mobile game and a worthy part of the franchise,” make sure to check it out for everything there is to know about it. In fact, we were so impressed with this portable role-playing FPS that it also found its way on our list of top 10 best 2013 iOS games for core mobile gamers. And if Deus Ex: The Fall actually ends up on PC and consoles, it’ll only be another huge recognition for iOS, mobile, and portable gaming industry in general.

We’ll keep you posted on future developments, and in case you’re interested in more details regarding development and porting processes of Deus Ex: The Fall, check out Kirk Mckeand’s interview with James Wright linked below.

Deus Ex: The Fall on the iOS App Store

Source: Pocket Gamer Biz