Deus Ex: The Fall Android hitting the Play Store next month

Deus Ex The Fall iPhone 5S gameplay screenshot by Eidos Montreal N-Fusion and Square Enix August 6 2013 dxtfpatch01


Less than a month after the release of Deus Ex: The Fall on the iTunes iOS App Store, Eidos Montreal revealed that the Android version of the first Deus Ex mobile game will be hitting the Google Play Store next month, priced at $6.99 with (completely) optional in-game purchases.

The said Android release should be almost identical to the latest currently available iOS version of the game (1.0.4), which means that it will feature all of the recently implemented AI improvements and bug fixes, though it’s still uncertain whether Square Enix gave the green light for the paranoid anti-piracy measures that were subsequently removed from the iOS version. If it did, we’ll probably get a heads-up this time.

In case you missed our last month’s in-depth review of Deus Ex: The Fall, we awarded the game with a 9/10 score, calling it “an excellent mobile game and a worthy part of the franchise.” N-Fusion’s title also managed to end up on our recently published list of Top 10 best 2013 iOS games (so far) for core mobile gamers. So, whether you’re a fan of the series, an aficionado of first-person shooters with RPG elements, or are even somewhat serious about mobile gaming, you really shouldn’t miss Deus Ex: The Fall. Stay tuned on PGR for the exact Android release date and more portable gaming updates!

- Deus Ex: The Fall on the iTunes iOS App Store

Source: Eidos Montreal