Exclusive: War Drum working on GTA: Liberty City Stories mobile for iOS & Android

GTA Liberty City Stories coming to Android & iOSTwo hours ago, one of our associates returned from a trip to Florida with some pretty big news: Gainesville-based video game developer War Drum Studios is working on a mobile remake of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets!

His insider stated that the development of the game started just over a month ago and that the project is expected to be finished during Q4 2014. Unfortunately, there was no mention of Windows Phone, but what was talked about was a list of planned improvements for this portable remake which include enhanced textures and models, as well as cloud save support. Custom radio stations are also going to be available to mobile gamers, and when asked about hardware requirements, the source said “it’s still too early to be that specific”. Still, they shouldn’t be much higher than that of GTA: San Andreas.

Of course, this info is as unofficial as it gets, but considering how War Drum already worked on pocket versions of Rockstar Games’ GTA III  (Anniversary Edition, 2011), GTA: Vice City  (Anniversary, 2012), and the recently released GTA: San Andreas  (2013), we don’t find it hard to believe that GTA: LCS will also be making its way to mobile devices next holiday season.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was originally developed by Rockstar Leeds and released on PlayStation Portable handheld console in late 2005. The game was then ported to PS2 in mid-2006, and as of last year, it’s also available on PS3 via PSN. Will Android and iOS become its next destination(s)? Time will tell, but we have utmost confidence in our source and have reached out to War Drum Studios and Rockstar for a comment on the matter. As always, we’ll keep you posted, so stay tuned on PGR for further updates.

  • Perk

    Eh, not really that much of a surprise, but good to know nontheless.

    • Park jisuny

      I know haha. i got here via facebook and people were freakin out like GTA VI is coming this year, and not the worst GTa after chinatown wars. lame story

  • Tyron3

    yea sorry but im gonna need another source before i believe some unknown website dealing with games for little kids and grandparents nhf

  • Vic Vance

    I’m honestly surprised GTALCS and GTAVCS didn’t get ported before SA, as it’s a much smaller game.

  • http://sharonovs.com/ Kirill Sharonov

    Not WP/WindowsRT? You are joke? If San Andred released, then release it.

    • http://portablegamingregion.com/ PortableGamingRegion

      We didn’t say “no WP/RT”, just that we couldn’t confirm it.

  • WelcometoRockstar

    They’ll be joining Rockstar family soon and Rockstar Leeds’ responsibilities of developing for mobile/handheld would be handle by War Drum Studios instead while they focus on developing for PC.

    • GTA Guy 95

      I hope they release LCS and VCS to PC as well and i hope they will come in retail form as how came early games too and i hope there wont be any sort of bullshit DRM on them, such as steam, though i have nothing against releasing on steam as well, as long they release retail copies complete with manual, map, etc.

  • krazy7


  • Kyle

    Remember, gta liberty city stories had a 2 player online game, I really hope they bring that !