Namco Bandai announces Tales of Asteria for Android & iOS

After Tales of Phantasia, Android and iOS mobile devices are set to receive another JRPG from the Tales series, as Namco Bandai announced that it’ll be releasing Tales of Asteria on Play Store and App Store. Unlike the aforementioned remake, Tales of Asteria will be a fully-fledged pocket title built from the ground up for touchscreen devices.

Fans of the franchise will be glad to hear read that familiar faces like Lloyd, Milla, Yuri, Luke, Sophie, and Cress are all set to make an appearance in ToA, and the game will also feature voice acting and a tap-based “cross-slide” battle system. The story, handheld by the series’ regular writer will have the six protagonists fighting for magical star pieces and from some unofficial comments we got from Japan, the main quest is expected to be around 25 hours long. Unfortunately, in-app purchases will almost certainly be included in the game.

Tales of Asteria is set to launch on both Android and iOS this spring in Japan, while an English localization is currently rumored to be out in either late 2014 or early 2015. Given how this long-running franchise is celebrating its twentieth anniversary next year, it’d be nice to play its latest mobile iteration before that. As always, we’ll keep you up-to-date with further developments and in the meantime, check out the game’s official announcement trailer above.

Via: Gematsu