Peter Molyneux reveals what was inside the cube – a digital god(us)

Godus Thumbnail 4 (Concept Art)After 5 months and 25 billion of destroyed cubelets, 22cans’ mobile game experiment Curiosity – what’s inside the cube? reached its end this Sunday morning. Last November, Peter Molyneux promised “something life-changing” inside the center of the cube. Well, was he lying? No, though we still admit he got us good.

The final cubelets of Curiosity – what’s inside the cube? were destroyed by a player Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh, Scotland. His reward? Here it is: he’s going to be a digital god. Yes, Henderson is to star in the 22cans’ upcoming god game Godus; he’ll get to decide on the rules people will play the game by, and he’s also in for a percentage of Godus’ sales. Molyneux didn’t go into further details, though we’ll undoubtedly be hearing about them soon enough. You can watch the full reveal here:

Godus is slated for release during late Q3/early Q4 of this year. We already heard some whispers about a September release, though no official confirmation has been given yet. As always, we’ll keep you posted about future developments, so stay tuned. Also, if you’re interested in finding out more about this indie “reinvention of a god game”, check out our previous coverage of it linked above.

Oh, and you can congratulate the winner on Twitter. Ironically, the new “god” is an atheist.

  • Devilus

    lol, so molyneux delivers for once

  • Rubicon Development

    I’ve been a bit outspoken wrt Mr Molyneux and his promises over the years, and I’m hardly alone in that. But this time he came through, so max props Peter. +1

    • PortableGamingRegion

      Yeah, it’s still hard to forget Fable, but so far they seem to be making all the right moves with Godus.

    • GBWG fan

      Any news on Combat Monsters? When is it coming out?

      • Rubicon Development

        Nice one! Not sure yet tbh, the first big milestone is an early access alpha on pc which we’re hoping to go live with in about a month or so.

        • GBWG fan

          Who do I have to kill to participate in it? :D