Pokemon Bank Gets a Release Date, More Details Revealed

Pokemon Bank & Transporter Compatibility and Supported Games in 2013After announcing Pokemon Bank cloud-based service for the upcoming Pokemon X and Y portable JRPGs, Nintendo has revealed more details about it to PGR. For starters, the service will be launching on December 27th in Europe and a couple of weeks earlier in North America. The $4.99 yearly subscription fee we’ve translated earlier this month from the Pokemon Direct linked above has also been confirmed. Last but not least, we’ve finally managed to find out how long will the announced Pokemon Bank trial period last. 3DS gamers will get to try out all of the benefits of the said cloud bank for 30 days, and Nintendo will even keep their data for a couple of months after that, just in case they eventually decide to pay for the service.

As previously announced, Pokemon Bank will allow for saving up to 3000 Pokemon from Pokemon X, Y, Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. With assistance from a free 3DS eShop app called Poke Transporter, players will also be able to withdraw pocket monsters from Pokemon Bank to X and Y. As expected, transferring 6th generation Pokemon to older games won’t be possible, but on a brighter note, Nintendo confirmed that Pokemon Bank will be a cross-platform service that will support all of their future Pokemon games from the main series.

Pokemon X & Y are launching worldwide on October 12th, exclusively for the 3DS portable gaming console. Stay tuned on PGR for an in-depth review of the game and everything else related to Pokemon and gaming on the go!

  • Rose

    this pisses me off to have to wait to play with my manaphy in 3d. wtf why not still have a system to let us trade over our Pokémon’s while they still release it after Christmas. I can see if it was one month but its basically at the end of a month into another year. wtf were they thinking! i’ll love to b*tch slap the person who came up with this waiting ideal.

    • http://portablegamingregion.com/ PortableGamingRegion

      I share your frustrations, but the reason they still haven’t launched the system is probably because it’s not ready yet, whether it’s a software or infrastructure-related issue.

      We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it launches, though. :)