Squeenix announces Hitman GO mobile strategy game for Android & iOS

A Hitman diorama? Why not?

A Hitman diorama? Why not?

Back in June of 2013, we found out that Square Enix Montréal is making a Hitman game for Android and iOS mobile devices. Today, the Canadian studio finally officially announced the said project. Given “total creative freedom” to adapt the Hitman IP to portable platforms, its developers came up with Hitman GO, a turn-based strategy game.

Featuring stylistically rendered diorama-like graphics and gameplay reminiscent of classical board games, Hitman GO will task its players with navigating fixed spaces, avoiding and/or dispatching of enemies, and sneaking into hard-to-reach locations. Elements and items like disguises, distractions, sniper rifles, and 47’s signature Silverballers will all be featured in the game.

Danish studio IO Interactive that’s currently working on the sixth Hitman title for PC, PS4, and Xbox One is reportedly more than pleased with what the “small core team” from Montréal managed to come up with and we’re told that Hitman GO is practically finished. With that said, SEM is planning on beta testing the game in the coming weeks before setting a definitive Android and iOS release date.

On a semi-related note, the studio’s PR heavily hinted that this isn’t the only Hitman mobile experience that’s currently in works and they’re planning on announcing something else “that fits perfectly within the Hitman fantasy” in the near future.

We’ll know more in a few days, so stay tuned on PGR for further updates.

Source: Square Enix Montreal