Terraria for Windows Phone 8 releasing by the end of the year

Terraria Windows Phone 8 Release WindowAs the Android port of the critically acclaimed indie 2D sandbox game Terraria launched on the Google Play Store a couple of hours ago, and given how it’s already available for purchase on the iOS App Store since late August, every Windows Phone-owning gamer certainly wondered what’s the status of the promised Windows Phone 8 adaptation of this fantastic game. We’ve contacted the Dutch developer Codeglue responsible for the WP8 port regarding this question, and in short – Terraria is coming to the Windows Phone Marketplace soon, undoubtedly by the end of the year, but hopefully much sooner than that.

According to Codeglue’s Peter de Jong, “the Windows Phone version shares the same code base as the other versions, so it can’t be far away,” but even though it’s nearly finished, it’s up to 505 Games to determine the exact WP App Store release date, and given how reserved they were towards the media in the last couple of months, it’s unlikely we’ll get wind of it beforehand. Nevertheless, we’re doing things the hard way by keeping an eye on the WP Marketplace for Terraria, so rest assured that you’ll still be notified the moment it launches, regardless of the 505 Games’ media policy.

  • Mr Rudewords

    Looks like you made this up based on nothing but hopes and dreams! There is still no sign of Terraris on Windows Phone. I’m sick of developers choosing to leave the best platform behind.

    • http://portablegamingregion.com/ PortableGamingRegion

      We’re just as disappointed with this delay and especially the silence following it as you are and have reached out to 505 and Codeglue for additional comments just last week, but the above piece is definitely not made up and is based on our exchange with Codeglue’s Peter de Jong.

      I’m sorry, you’ll be notified as soon as there’s more info on the matter.

      • Mr Rudewords

        Good to know that it is still in the works. It’s very difficult to find any recent information on this port.

  • o11o01

    Still haven’t heard about it where the hell is it.

  • Vadim

    Still no news about WP version.. I don’t think, that making game for the WP is harder than for iOS and Android.

  • Miles

    This was written in XNA, what the hell are they doing? I love this game, but I think the dev is not experienced enough to be in the business world if this is the level of service he is willing to provide.