Obscure adventure Hiversaires out in some parts of the world

Hiversaires Thumbnail 1Devine Lu Linvega’s obscure point-and-click adventure Hiversaires launched on the American and Canadian App Store, as well as few others. The game that has been finished in less than three months is priced at $2.99 and features no additional in-app-purchases.

According to its author, Hiversaires has been made “for adventurers who remember drawing maps to survive.” The game features original Alliceffekt soundtrack and runs on iOS devices as old as the iPhone 3GS. As the author explained during  Picotachi vol. 1, the elements of this minimalistic adventure were inspired by System Shock and early trailers for The Witness. This artistic title is the first game Linvega ever released, though we’re looking forward to all of the future projects of this young French Canadian illustrator, musician, and (now) game developer.

Moreover, according to one of his comments posted below the game’s launch trailer on YouTube, it seems like Linvega has plans to port Hiversaires to Android in the near future, hopefully before the end of summer. Of course, we’ll keep you posted about all future developments. In the meantime, iOS owners can check if Hiversaires has been released in their country on the link below, and if it hasn’t, it’ll probably be available for purchase soon.

Hiversaires on the App Store