The Witness announcement

During the last night’s PlayStation Meeting event we reported live from (you can still watch the Ustream recording on our website), the creator of the 2008 puzzle-platforming hit Braid, Jonathan Blow, presented his open-world puzzle game titled The Witness. Although it was originally believed that The Witness will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, at least at the console’s launch, we got confirmation that an iPad version is in the making!

The Witness is a puzzle adventure played from first person perspective that takes place on a small picturesque island. Even though the island is not huge in size, it’s filled with content and there’s enough puzzles to keep the players occupied for around 25 hours.

However, although The Witness is undoubtedly packed with a solid amount of content, especially for a puzzle game, Blow said that he and Thekla Inc., his development studio, were looking to rid the game of all redundant content, not with the goal of minimizing the repetition of gameplay, but to remove it completely from the equation. A non-repetitive puzzle game? Scratch that, a non-repetitive any game? Not even a little? Our interest is definitely peaked.


The Witness features beautiful colourful and cartoonish 3D graphics, and a light-hearted original soundtrack. The landscape of the island the game takes place on varies a lot, so there’s no fear that things will get monotonous. This puzzle adventure is loosely inspired by classical titles such as The Myst, and Blow stated that he and his team are aiming at making it all about “that leap your mind makes when you instantly go from confusion to understanding”.

During the presentation, it was also mentioned that The Witness is in development for three and a half years already and that the game is very close to being finished. Although the official release date was still not announced, this could easily mean that an iPad version of The Witness will be released before PlayStation 4 hits the shelves during this year’s holiday season.

This title will undoubtedly be a very worthy addition to the iPad’s game selection, so expect us to keep you posted about any future developments regarding it.