Vita is getting FF X HD and a price drop

Moments ago, Sony announced that Square Enix is bringing their legendary JRPG Final Fantasy X to PlayStation Vita. The handheld console is also getting a serious price drop next month.

Final Fantasy X HD is expected to come out by the end of the year in Japan, and besides improved visuals, nothing else was announced regarding this title, which probably means that the best we can expect from SE is a port, and not a remake. Final Fantasy X HD will not be a Vita exclusive, as Sony also announced it for PS3.

Also, the announced Vita price drop will be effective in Japan as of February 28th. The new retail price will be a little under 200k yens, which equals to around 215 USD. An interesting fact is that this price drop is valid for both the 3G and the Wi-Fi model, i.e. they’ll be priced the same. This probably means that we can soon expect a similar price drop in the rest of the world, too. Whether Sony is counting on the fact that most Japanese handheld gamers are planning on getting PS Vita this year, or are they just laying the groundwork for the 4G model of their underrated portable console, it remains to be seen.