Fortnite Reaches $2b In Revenue!

Epic Games experienced a wonderful year last 2018 as any company across technology. This time, Fortnite becomes the most sought-after game in the world, growing the valuation of the company to 15 billion dollars. However, it has assisted the company in collecting cash as well. Epic grossed a 2.4 billion dollars profit for this year driven by the constant success of Fortnite.

Established in 1991, the company has not presented any revenue numbers for its massive hit that has more than 125 million players. However, the new revenue milestone of the company, mixed along with other pieces of information, offers a concept of the success of the firm is noticed as an outcome of a perceptive transformation in methods created 6 years ago.

Last September, Epic orders a valuation of approximately 15 billion dollars. That’s because Lightspeed, Kleiner Perkins and KKR, all of which are marquee investors assembled on in a 1.25 billion dollars round to have a slice of the development company. Nonetheless, the investment cards have not been stacked in favor of Epic.

Still, the massive flourishing video game, played by over 200 million players across the globe, made 2.4 billion dollars last year based on the data collected by SuperData. The game is free to download; however, Fortnite drives revenue by selling emotes and in-game skins through micro-transactions. It also sells average Battle Pass season updates, offering players new challenges.

According to the report, the success of Fortnite was a big factor in online games revenue shifting 11pc over 2017 along with 109.8 billion dollars made across mobile, PC, and console. Digital games revenue is anticipated to top 118 billion dollars in 2019.

Free-to-play has become the leading business model when it comes to worldwide revenue, premium acquiring an extremely massive sector, especially in the West. What’s more, the premium games revenue hopped 10pc to 17.8 billion dollars along with games like Red Dead Redemption 2 with 516 million dollars, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with 612 million dollars and FIFA 18 with 790 million dollars.

More about Fornite


The original version of the game was designed by developers Epic Games to become a zombie survival game. An open-ended experience pitches co-operative players against waves of zombies while offering players the capability to collect resources and develop their own bases to protect against the potential hordes.

However, arriving around the period that PUBG was beginning to create waves, the development crew of Fortnite decided to create and launch a new free-to-play model for Fortnite along with the same Battle Royale style.

The game style is sourced on the Japanese thriller “Battle Royale” that was launched in 2001. The principle of the gameplay is basic enough. It drops 100 players from an airplane onto a big island where they must fight it out against one another until there is a final surviving team or survivor left.

To increase to the pressure, a randomly placed shrinking circle of doom obliges players into closer vicinity as the game advances. Any players who are caught in the exterior of the zone will die inevitably from the running. Thus, the game isn’t only a battle against other players, but it is also a battle against the clock.

The Price of Playing Fortnite

Fortnite mobile

Fortnite Battle Royale is always free to play. The original survival game referred to as “Fortnite: Save The World” could be bought from their official website and from different console stores. However, the game, which all players are fanatical with, is free to access.

If you prefer to do so, you can purchase cosmetic objects to transform the look of your avatar. But take note that there is nothing to aid you win or get the edge over other Fortnite players. The game also provides Battle Pass that is an optional purchase, allowing players to unlock different special rewards. This includes different gliders, character emotes, banners, loading screens, and so much more.

These passes are sold on a season basis, meaning they apply for a very limited time. This will apply to those committed fanatics and players of the game. Once bought, the more the players play, the more rewards they will unlock along with hundred rewards accessible. Players could also buy a Battle Bundle that uncovers twenty-five tiers and needs less playtime.

Downloading and Playing Fortnite

If you have a PC, you can download it straight from their website. You must have an Epic Games account, and you are free to download the software, install it, and start playing. If you’re playing on your mobile phones, the game is a work in progress which require sign-up accessible for an iOS beta to play. However, today it is available for download from the App Store. This game can be played on iPad Pro, iPad 2017, iPad Air 2, iPhone SE/6S, and other newer devices.

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