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How to Become a Gaming Influencer on Instagram

In the past few years, many people were playing games to pass time. Today, a growing number of people are starting to understand some of the other benefits of playing video games. Some of the main benefits of video games for both children and adults include stress relief, the development of problem-solving skills, and healthy brain stimulation. Apart from that, playing video games can also be a great source of revenue. You can earn some money by just playing your favorite video games. 

With the rise of influencer marketing, gamers can now use Instagram to make some money. If you are a serious gamer looking for ways you can earn some money from your hobby, the best thing to do is to establish yourself as a gaming influencer. Here are some tips that you can use to establish your presence as a serious gaming influencer.

1. Find your gaming niche

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To become a successful gaming influencer, you should start by finding your spot in the gaming world. Gaming is a massive industry. The first thing that you should think of what you like doing and how you can gain an online audience by doing what you enjoy. If that sounds tough for you, you should then start by looking at what other famous gamers are doing. Take notes on what you have in common with them. You don’t have to copy the exact thing that they are doing. You should focus on where your gaming expertise lies.

Some of the niches that you should consider include doing live streams, preparing comic walkthroughs, recording reviews of games and gaming equipment, and posting game tutorials. You don’t have to worry if your plan is not like that of the other influencers. Remember, being unique can help you succeed. Two influencers should also not be the same in all perspectives. It can be much better if you fit in a given niche but have your own unique style. Remember, as a gamer, your brand is all about playing games and connecting with your audience. 

2. Develop your gaming brand

A brand is not just like a logo. It is more than a logo. When developing your gaming brand, you should think about your logo design together with all the other aspects. Your brand is you. You should think about your personality that you want it to be reflecting. You should try to be as original as possible because many people prefer that. You can use an avatar marker to create an image that will show who you are and what you do. Use the image that you will create as your profile picture on Instagram. 

Apart from all that, you should also make sure that you are in front of a camera when you are going live on Instagram. Doing that will make your work look unique and original.

3. Create a posting and streaming strategy

Many people think that they have to be streaming on a daily basis for them to stay on their audience’s radar. That is not true. Streaming daily is a huge burden and you may end up not having the energy to keep going. All that you need to do is to have a streaming schedule. By doing this, your audience will be knowing what to expect and when. To do this, you should start with determining when to post tutorial videos, when to stream, and when to post game and gaming equipment reviews. 

4. Build your audience

To be a successful gaming influencer, you must have a good following. If you don’t have an appealing number of followers, brands and companies will not be willing to work with you. Getting your first 100 to 1000 followers on Instagram is not easy. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to get Instagram followers instantly. After getting your first followers, you should now focus on retaining them while attracting more users. Instagrammers like cool things and your content must be of high quality for your posts to get more user engagements. Remember, the more user engagements your Instagram posts get, the faster your account will grow, and the more companies will be willing to pay you to advertise their product. 

5. Connect with other influencers in your niche

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Working with other gaming influencers when you are trying to build your brand is a great idea. They are your competitors, but working with them will give your brand a great boost. It gives you a boost because it will help you reach a wider audience than when you are working alone. You can also connect with other gaming influencers that are not in your niche to get new ideas and ways of doing what they are already doing. 

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