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What Is CoinMaster And Why Is It So Popular?

A large portion of the world is addicted to games of chance and online gaming has managed to provide the world with is much easier than has been ever experienced before. You now don’t have to go to the casino and to take a spin at slot machines. That’s not the case anymore and these days we have the rise of the social casino-like games which is largely thanks to the internet. Spinning a slot machine is now literally at your fingertips thanks to online games such as CoinMaster. This is why you’re here, no? To know a little bit more about what CoinMaster has to offer? If so, then you need to read on because this piece will tell you all you need to know.

What Is CoinMaster?

What is CoinMaster?

CoinMaster is basically an Android/iOS application where users get the chance to spin and win weapons, shields and coins that’ll then be used to build their Viking villages as well as raid and attack other villages. The characters you use in the game travel across magical lands as well as through time building their villages with the goal of being the best Viking, warrior, king, hippie or pirate. The app connects users with their friends via Facebook so as to encourage more players. 

Simply put, the game’s essentially all about virtual slot machines and spins is what makes the whole system run. Speaking of which, InitialsGames is a great resource on how you can get them for free. Anyway, you collect them as you progress through the game and when you’ve collected enough spins you can then use them to spin on the slot machines of your choice. This will allow you to get to the ultimate goal of winning coins as well as shields, raids, attacks or more spins. The coins you win from spinning the slot machines will allow you to upgrade and build villages which will then, in turn, allow you to climb up the leaderboard through winning stars.

The raids and attacks you gain from the slot machines will allow you to raid and attack other users‘ villages for some of their coins. One thing to note is that graphics are not bloody nor are they violent in nature when you’re attacking or raiding villages. When your spins run out it doesn’t stop there. The game wants you to play for as long as possible so after every hour you’re awarded five free spins. However, this will mean that it can take you very many hours to collect enough coins to acquire your next building for your village. 

Why Is It So Popular?

CoinMaster popular

CoinMaster combines two genres that are very different in nature. Building and gambling. The game’s developers must have been wondering how they can re-imagine and repackage mobile slot machines when they finally came up with this concept. Anyway, this is what has actually given this game so much of its significance. Games of chance are something a lot of people really enjoy getting involved with and adding the ability to build things to that equation takes it over the top. In a time where the traditional mobile slot machine games aren’t growing as expected, CoinMaster, PirateKing and the like are successfully managing to shake things up a bit. 

In regions where slot machines aren’t a big part of their culture, such as India and so on, CoinMaster is doing the impossible and reaching top-grossing positions. On Google Play alone this game has been downloaded over ten million times. This game drives more in-app purchases revenue than any other application besides Tinder and PUBG. It’s literally minting money worldwide. According to Sensor Tower, CoinMaster is making about ten million dollars every month. That just tells you how popular it is. Even in countries that are accustomed to the slot machine culture such as the United States, the game has still steadily managed to climb up the ranks. It’s a top 30 grossing application in this region with the only casino genre game ahead of it being Slotomania.

A Massive Disruptor

Many might argue whether CoinMaster falls in the realm of casino gaming or not. Either way, it’s proving to be the spark that’ll help drive future innovation when online casino-like gaming is concerned. With progressively deep and rich content jam-packed into a singular slot machine, hyper-active live operations, strong social features, more substantial meta, great UX value and casual art styles, Moon Active, which originates from Israel, has flipped the slot games’ traditional overall designs on its head. It’s a brave new world they’re ushering in now. 

Okay, yes the game isn’t technically positioning itself as an online slots game, but its slot core is very hard to miss. It’s unlocking growth in many non-traditional casino markets all across the globe. It’s clearly going to continue growing more and more as time passes.


Earning coins through slot machine features is basically the main idea that drives CoinMaster forward. You’ll find very many reviews on the internet imploring parents and guardians to come together with the aim of trying to ban the game because it encourages children to gamble. Also, parents need to be a little considerate when it comes to how much time their kids spend playing along to the in-app purchases in this game because a lot of the time you’ll find prompts to spend money if you want to progress in the game. With that said, there’s no doubt that this game will be here to stay for quite a while from the looks of things. 

CoinMaster has been executed very well when it comes to what the re-imagining of the traditional mobile slot games. We now can see what things can really look like. Like many of the top online games, it blends together several proven gaming mechanics that have managed to give rise to a winning combination.        

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